I’m sorry, I’m fresh out of ideas

I guess I’m not fresh out, but after the trots I’ve had all night, I just don’t feel in the mood to write anything. I guess I have to though, because I made a promise to myself to be consistent in putting out something each day, and Pike or Chin haven’t submitted anything. What happened to all of the people who were going to write shit down, and have us put it up here? I know you all have it in you, it’s just lurking on the other side of your closet door. Probably next to the old purse that has your marital aids and the small bag of dried out weed in it. Wherever it is, you can’t deny that you have ideas, thoughts and dreams that you want to share. Everyone does. It’s completely natural to want to share your stuff with others, and even if you do it anonymously, it still gets shared.

I’m going to ramble a little here, and bring up someone that my friend Lynnea reminded me of the other day. His name is Hayes Carll, and he’s a great singer-songwriter from Texas, that just doesn’t seem to break into the mainstream. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing by any means, but I’m sure he’d love to have a little more dough. I guess it’s because he’s a bit folky, is a fucking songwriting genius, and has a unique voice. I’m going to be lazy and put up a couple of videos of his, and I really think that you should watch them. Even if you don’t like that kind of music, you’ll probably appreciate his style, I know I do, but I love most of these Texas musicians.

Just because I’m not cheap, I’m going to throw in a second artist from Texas, and his name is Charlie Robison. You may know him as the guy that was married to the one Dixie Chick, but you should know him, and his brother Bruce for that matter, as some incredibly gifted storytellers. I’m going to fire on a couple from him, and even Mrs. Birdman loves this guy, so that means he has to be good.

Freight train mommas, pistol shooters, my first girlfriend works at Hooters,



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6 responses to “I’m sorry, I’m fresh out of ideas

  1. Pike Pole

    You trying to make me feel guilty? Fuck you Birdman. Not gonna happen…

  2. Pike Pole

    You trying to make me feel guilty? Do I amuse you? Well F#@K you Birdman!

  3. Pike Pole

    Nice fuckin’ blog space you got here. My first post didn’t show up and I thought it was some censor kind of bullshit. So, I post again…WHAT THE HELL? So, now I’m gonna plug your reply’s with posts to make you think that people give a shit.

  4. Pike Pole

    Fucker, now you got me all wound up. I feel a rant coming on…

  5. Pike Pole

    …nope, sorry. It was just a big ass fart. Man do I fuckin’ feel better though.

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