About your gracious host

Hey there! You want to know about me? All right, I’m going to lay a little bit on you.

I grew up in a small village in southern Ontario. (I fast-tracked my way to the front of the line to be their idiot.) It seems strange to call it a village, but they had built two churches there, so technically it is. I lived with my mom and stepfather, along with my two sisters. I was a pretty bad kid, but I was fairly well liked, and had a good heart, so I got along okay with the village elders.

I slid, for lack of a better term, through school and as soon as I was old enough to get myself expelled, I did. Wahoo, life is about to begin, right? Not a chance. I jumped from meaningless job to meaningless job faster than you can say Jack Robinson (whoever the hell he is). I should also add that I liked to “party” beyond my means. I use that word as a blanket term for any type of debauchery you can think of. That lifestyle ended shortly after I got my truck driving licence in 1998 and the mandatory drug testing began. I am now engaged to the girl I’ve been waiting for forever and her two amazing daughters, and other than my chosen career path, I’ve never been happier.

The reason I am doing this blog, is to sort of document my transition from being a trucker to whatever I end up doing next. I only know that it has to be something I love, and it has to pay the bills. I’m open to suggestion, so if there is something you think I’d be good at, let me know. I’m kind of lost here, and I can always use a guiding hand.

Peace out, bitches


6 responses to “About your gracious host

  1. Birdman's Right Hand Man

    Somewhere, a village needs an idiot! So you’ll never be out of work Birdy!

    • Birdman

      Ah thank you, my compadre. I know you will miss me most of all this winter. Please drive safe and cup Scotty’s balls whenever you see him.

  2. Kendall and Kim

    Kim and I are laying in bed, far too early on a Saturday night… and i just finished reading to her… the intro and every post that you put up so far.
    we have to wonder if the blog’s intention to follow you through a career transition may end up being a much shorter trip that you think.
    Writing, and not just on a blog, just might be the destination, rather than the journey… just a thought.

    • Birdman

      Thanks be to you, good people, for your kind words, and yes, that would be the proverbial “cat’s ass” to get paid for this, but I need a guaranteed income and I need to learn how to type. (That’s my better half speaking). If you want to sponsor my blog, I accept cash, cheques or root vegetables. Just so you know, you just made my nose bleed.

      • Kendall and Kim

        Someone, somewhere, must have found a way to make a routine income from being a social commentator right?
        I guess its finding the right forum.

      • therealbirdman

        I sure hope you are right. I’ll keep my eyes open. Well, until I sleep.

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